Instructions for initiating a Virginia Statewide search


You will need to generate a Criminal History Record Name Search Request Form with a unique barcode and provide it to us. To do so, please follow these instructions.




Please refer to this screen shot for more details:

In the dropdown menu titled “Form”, select “SP-167”.

In the dropdown menu titled “Request Type”, change what is preselected and choose “Criminal History Search”.

In the dropdown menu titled “Purpose”, select “Other”.

In the field titled “Specify Purpose”, enter: “Pre-Employment”. If you are a candidate for a new job. If the search is required as part of a current job or for a promotion or transfer, enter “Employment”.

Enter the following information:
• Your Last Name
• Your First Name
• Your Full Middle Name – leave blank if you do not have a middle name
• Your Maiden Name, if applicable – if not, leave blank.
• Choose a Suffix, if applicable – if not, leave blank.
• Select your race from the drop down menu titled “Race”
• Select your gender from the drop down menu titled “Sex”
• Enter your date of birth in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY
• Enter your SSN in the following format ###-##-####
• Unless you are a Non-Profit Volunteer, leave the box titled “Non-Profit Volunteer” unchecked.


In the “Mail Reply to” section enter the following information:
• Name/Agency: easyBackgrounds Inc.
• Attention: Research Team
• Address Line 1: PO BOX 952
• Address Line 2: 10 Main Street
• City: Newfields
• State: New Hampshire
• Country: United States of America
• Zip Code: 03856

In the ”Contact Information” section enter the following information:

In the ”Payment” section enter the following information:
• Pay Method: Business Check (Note: easyBackgrounds will send a check to the VA State Police when it mails your completed document.)
• Leave “VSP Account Number” blank


Click “Confirm”

Review the information that you entered. If correct, click “Generate”.


A confirmation screen will appear asking you to mail the form to The Virginia State Police. Please disregard that instruction and follow the below steps instead:


Click “OK”


A Copy of the form should download to your computer


Print the form


A sample form is available here for you to use as a guide when completing your printed form.


IN THE AFFIDAVIT FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION SECTION: Sign the form in the presence of a Notary and have the form Notarized and signed by the Notary.



Mail the original hand signed and notarized release to:
PO Box 952
10 Main St.
Newfields, NH 03856

You do not need to send in the $15 fee as this is included in the cost of the background check.


Do not send your release form directly to the Virginia State Police. The form must be sent to our office in New Hampshire via mail for processing. Faxed and emailed copies cannot be accepted per Virginia State Police requirements.

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