What do you like about easyBackgrounds?​

  1. Background checks are incredibly important and should not be accomplished casually.  easyBackgrounds is a local firm that I know, trust, and can reach out to directly and immediately for questions and support.  Whenever I call for support, I get to speak with someone I know as opposed to an anonymous customer service representative who happens to answer the phone.

  2. easyBackgrounds has a terrific Quality Assurance process.  The high trust we have with the accuracy of their work products is based on that combined with 10 years of a great working relationship.   

  3. easyBackgrounds is a founding member of NAPBS which means they have been through a rigorous accreditation process.  That is the foundation for their high level of excellent service.

How does easyBackgrounds impact your business?

 Fast turnaround times, competitive rates, and accuracy of reports helps us keep our hiring and onboarding process moving along unconstricted and without delay.