how to place an order

from your dashboard:

Enter Social Security Number

Select Package

Choose Permissible Purpose

Click 'Submit'

identifying your AKA names:

Select Primary Name

(Typically Legal Name)

Select If You Would Like To Use Or NOT Use Alias

Scroll to bottom and select your desired search types.

*Please Note: Because Of How Some States Handle Statewide Searches (NY Is An Example), Statewide Will Always Appear Even If Not Included In Your Package.


If This Package Does NOT Require Statewide Searches, 'Deselect All' Statewide Criminal Repository Searches.

If You Are Unsure If Your Selected Package Should Include Various Components, Do Not Worry. Upon Proceeding To The Next Step You Will Be Prompted With A Notification Letting You Know.

proceed to the 'Ordering Screen'

'Red' Indicates A Step Need To Be Taken

Select 'Send Order To Applicant To Complete'

Enter Applicant's Email


proceed to the 'Ordering Screen'

Because TeamPeople Would Like To Review Orders Prior To 'Going Live', Simply Select 'Send To Draft for Review First' Then 'Submit Now'