• Todd Eiseman

Top Takeaways for Staffing Firms at TechServe 2016

Updated: May 2, 2018

The easyBackgrounds team made their way to Amelia Island, Florida, last week for the 2016 TechServe Alliance Conference. We were excited to engage with many of our clients, as well as other leaders and peers in the staffing industry. After making it home safely, we were able to reflect on some of our top takeaways from TechServe 2016. Here are some of the key issues on people’s minds:

Sourcing in a Crowded Candidate Market

Many staffing leaders are under pressure to weed through high volumes of resumes and applications. It’s getting harder to identify strong candidates while simultaneously recognizing individuals who are dishonest in describing their professional experience and academic credentials. It’s a challenge that has the power to sink a staffing firm’s reputation if any wrong move is inadvertently made.

Staying Ahead of Rapidly Evolving Technology

Information technology continues to charge ahead at unprecedented rates, leaving staffing firms scrambling to understand the impacts on best practices, workforce productivity, and operational processes in general and the implications for their businesses, in particular. Leaders who fail to tackle this challenge will inevitably fall behind, losing the benefits of technology as a business accelerator.

Complying with New Overtime Regulations

Under the FLSA, the new overtime regulations have a significant impact on staffing firms, particularly with regard to managing positions and compensation both internally and for their hundreds of contract employees. Staffing leaders need to appoint or contract a dedicated expert to ensure compliance and risk mitigation. Looking for a silver lining, we participated in one conversation regarding the potential upside of reexamining the roles and responsibilities of all staff to achieve better alignment with strategic goals, ensuring a better value for the efforts of staff, regardless of their exempt or non-exempt status.

Continuing to Improve Best Practices

Underlying the various challenges of a continually shifting industry landscape are the general business and management concerns of every leader in the staffing industry. These concerns include improving operating practices, boosting efficiency and productivity, and continuing to identify, recruit and retain competent and qualified staff.

It’s no small feat to tackle and balance these pressures. The incredible benefit to attending events like the TechServe Alliance Conference is the opportunity to network with people who face similar challenges and exchange experiences and ideas. We witnessed valuable brainstorming, idea-sharing, and problem-solving, as well as some good old traditional networking throughout the four days in Amelia Island.

We’re excited to serve the staffing industry with our background screening solutions, and we were grateful for the opportunity to share in the festivities of this year’s conference. We look forward to seeing you at TechServe 2017 in Arizona!

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