• Todd Eiseman

[Infographic] The Cost of Skipping The Employee Background Check

At easyBackgrounds, we love to see our clients hire on new talent and have long lasting relationships with their employees. That’s why we are in business.  Unfortunately, there are times when a successful, long-term hire just doesn’t happen.  There can be many causes for it but one of them should never be because the client skipped the background check.

A CareerBuilder study revealed that a massive 56% of employers have found embellishments and even outright lies on submitted resumes. Some frequently misrepresented details, such as dates of employment and academic degrees, would have been immediately uncovered with a good background check.

The typical hiring process depends upon the background check in order to get the whole story on a candidate. An employer that falls short of gathering the big picture is at high risk of quickly realizing the cost of skipping the employee background check.

Check out our infographic below to learn more on what kind of costs you could be incurring just from skipping the background check.

For a cost-effective background screening solution that helps protect you from employee fraud, bad hires and negligent hiring lawsuits, contact us today.

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