In the staffing world, time is money. Real money. Dozens to hundreds of your clients present a myriad of challenges every day.


To maintain a competitive edge, you need to surpass the expectations of your clients, and that means ensuring the excellence of the candidates you provide.

You rely heavily on a background check partner who can deliver with:

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

  • At competitive prices to maximize the profit your firm makes on each placement.


With easyBackgrounds, you’ll find leading-edge technology, personalized service, and the highest level of detail you need to support your staffing services.


No industry faces more scrutiny regarding legal, security, safety, and compliance risks than organizations associated with the healthcare field. The continuous balancing act of protecting patients, staff, and the parent organization from regulations is a slippery slope.

Avoiding exposure to malpractice, patient abuse, and violation of private records can best be mitigated by maintaining a consistent background check practice.

Over the past fifteen years, we have helped hundreds of healthcare organizations. Our team of Client Advocates are ready and willing to walk you through the solution best designed to suit your needs.


There’s no doubt that the success of any organization in the transportation industry depends entirely upon safety, security, and the competence of your staff. Whether you’re hiring for the employees who will be the face of your company or for the individuals who keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, you need assurance that the people you’re hiring will get the job done right.

At easyBackgrounds, we know how critical it is to maintain the utmost level of service in your business. With this in mind, we deliver the background screening services you need to execute on your hiring initiatives. We’re dedicated to providing cost-effective, highly accurate background searches, all within the fastest turnaround in the industry.


In one of the most tightly regulated industries in the US, onboarding new employees amid stringent compliance requirements can be a challenge. Background checks are a critical component of your hiring process in order to protect against risk and maintain high levels of security.

At easyBackgrounds, we understand the sensitive nature of ensuring you’re hiring the right people. With us as your background search partner, you’ll find industry-leading technology, speedy turnaround and personalized service. Plus, our account team diligently verifies every report you run to make sure no detail is missed.

When you need uncompromising accuracy and comprehensive background check services, easyBackgrounds is the answer.