How to Modify Your New Dashboard

With the update release in the platform, you have more control over your dashboard! Now, not only can you move, or hide widgets as you would like, you can also resize them! Please see an example of one of the dashboard set ups that we have created below:

Your dashboard will look a bit different than this when you get started; however, you can modify it to look like this one, or however you would like! To start, just click the “Start Editing” button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.


When you click start editing, dotted lines will appear around each widget, along with an “x” button on each widget.

  1. To remove a widget you no longer want to see on your dashboard, click the “x” button in the upper right-hand corner of the widget.

  2. To add widgets that are not currently visible, click the “More Widgets” button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen. At the bottom of the screen a bar will appear that says “Inactive Widgets”. Anything below this bar will be hidden and not appear on your dashboard.

  3. To move widgets, click on the title bar for the widget (pictured as black above) and drag it to where you would like it to go.

  4. To re-size a widget, move your mouse to one of the dotted lines surrounding the widget, then click and drag until the widget is the desired width or height.

After you are done editing your dashboard, click “Save Widgets, and then “Stop Editing” in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, and your current set up will be saved. Don’t worry; you can come back and edit the dashboard any time you would like!


A few tips:

  1. We put the announcements widget towards the bottom of our dashboard, so that each time you login any new announcements posted will pop up full screen. If you have seen the announcement before, it will not pop up; it will only happen the first time you log in after an announcement is posted. Even though this will happen[JAG1] , we strongly recommend keeping the Announcement widget on your dashboard in case you need a reminder.

  2. If you use the Order by SSN method, we recommend removing the “Applicant Quick Invite” widget from your Dashboard to avoid any confusion.

  3. Your dashboard setup will only affect you; each person on your account can configure their own setup, so try a few, and find the one that works best for your workflow!

  4. Please reach out to your CA or Support with any questions or concerns at 800-538-6525 or