Domestic Education Verification: 


easyBackgrounds has the ability to complete Education Verifications across the Continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska, as well as in US territories such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The following is verified when conducting an Education Verification search: School Name, Location, Degre Earned, Major, Dates of Attendance, and Graduation Date. If the candidate attended a school, but did not graduate/ earn a degree, easyBackgrounds can verify attendance only- meaning we would not verify degree type earned. easyBackgrounds can verify GEDs, High School Diplomas, and College Degrees. 

easyBackgrounds must obtain verifications from the best possible source. This means that easyBackgrounds will always first try to verify educational details directly from the school’s Guidance or Student Transcript offices or the school’s Registrar’s office. In cases where schools have closed, the school district or state Department of Education can also be contacted. 

Why Should I Order This Search? 

Education Verifications ensure that the information portrayed on a candidate’s resume is up-to-date and accurate. They ensure that a candidate’s education history and qualifications are a match for the position in which they are being considered for. 

Required Information and/or Documentation: 

  • School Name and Location, Degree Type Earned, Dates of Enrollment, Graduation Date (if applicable). 

  • School contact information 

  • Many times, a signed release is required. This varies by school, but is a common requirement. This release can either be electronically signed or hand-signed. However, sometimes schools do not accept electronic-signatures in which case a hand-signed release will be required. 

Common Issues/ Delays: 

Hand-Signed Release: Many times, schools require a signed release before releasing information to third parties, such as easyBackgrounds. Delays occur when these release forms are not provided up front, when the search is ordered. Other times, schools only accept hand-signed, non-electronic signatures. If we only have an electronic release on file, even if the release was “hand-signed” electronically with a stylus or mouse, we will need to obtain a hand-signed release (in pen/ink) either by contacting the candidate, or reaching back out to the client. 

Closed Schools: If a school has closed we can attempt to contact the school district or state Department of Education for assistance. However, sometimes records for closed schools are not retained or are lost. Supporting documentation such as diploma, GED, or degree copies can also be provided. However, those searches will be closed as Unable to be Verified, due to the fact that easyBackgrounds is unable to verify the authenticity of such documentation. 

Third Party Fees: Due to the high volume of education verifications some schools receive, many will outsource their verifications to third-party companies. These companies frequently charge additional fees to complete verifications. These fees vary by school and third party. easyBackgrounds will always reach out to the Client for additional fees that exceed $25.00. Fees below $25.00 will be automatically applied to the search. Examples of such Third-Party verification companies include, but are not limited to, National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, and DiplomaSender. 

Diploma/Degree Mills: A Diploma Mill is a company that sells a diploma or degree in exchange for little to no coursework. Sometimes these companies masquerade as legitimate educational entities and state they are recognized by the Department of Education and accredited to issue degrees when in fact they are not. The student may or may not know they are paying money for a diploma or degree from an illegitimate school or program. Unfortunately, diplomas and degrees from these mills are not a credible representation of academic achievement.