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navigating the maze of FCRA compliance is difficult, costly, and time-consuming. you're not alone.

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Your Advocate For The Financial Industry


International markets returning to normal. Technology advancement at an all time high. Security at a premium. The demand for staff across the financial industry is booming.


The challenge?


Finding or maintaining professionals across the financial industry has never been so challenging. A booming market puts the candidate in the driver seat in an ever-shrinking talent pool, highly in demand.


When you find a good one you need to act and act fast. Doing so takes speed and precision. Often lost in the shuffle is protecting your greatest asset, your organization, from class action lawsuits.


For more than 20 years easyBackgrounds' team of NAPBS certified Client Advocates has balanced timely screening with accurate and compliant reporting practices. Our team would welcome to walk you through your options in navigating through the FCRA maze of compliance.