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Background check and pre-employment screening

Whether you represent the Fortune 500 or Small Business, hiring qualified, honest employees is critical to the success of your organization. easyBackgrounds can help you get them onboard quickly and easily with an intuitive and easy to use employee background check system.

We understand that hiring the right candidate can involve more than just pre-employment screening and a criminal background check. easyBackgrounds has developed complimentary features like our Drug Testing, Applicant Tracking System, Career Center and Compliance tools that will streamline your recruit-to-hire process and put time back in your day.

Using the most recent technology to search nationwide and beyond - instantly in many cases - easyBackgrounds delivers the decision-making information you need. Criminal background checks, verifications, license checks and many more employee background check services are moved at Internet-speed to your desktop so you, and your business, can move forward.

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Reasons to conduct a background check

Any one of these is a good reason to initiate a background screening program. Combined, it's hard to think of a reason your pre-employment screening shouldn't include a background check.

(1) The average cost of recruiting, hiring and training an employee can range from $4,000 to $50,000.
(2) A background check helps insure your investment and typically costs less than 1% of your hiring expense.
(3) While the percent of resumes containing false or misleading information varies from one industry and position to the next, it is a widespread and potentially expensive practice.
(4) If you’re familiar with the term "defensible hire", then you know a background check is proof that you and your organization adhere to a company policy and perform your due diligence in screening candidates for hire.
(5) Background checks help create and maintain a safe work environment. And verifying a candidate’s past performance through a background check is one way to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

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Why choose easyBackgrounds?

easyBackgrounds is more than just background checks and drug testing. From job posting to Form I-9, our system capabilities offer a one-stop solution for your recruit-to-hire needs. No matter what size your organization is, we have easy and effective pre-employment screening and criminal background check solutions.

We know that having the information you need to make a hiring decision sooner means you can take action on that hire and move on to the next task.  That’s why easyBackgrounds is an industry leader in quick turnaround times.

easyBackgrounds can even offer better pricing for employee background check packages, as well as a more complete profile, when searches are grouped together. An annual or regularly scheduled criminal background check update can be done by simply retrieving the initial report online and adding a Criminal Record search to it - no need to re-enter any employee data.

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